Travel Clerk III



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Job Summary:

The Travel Clerk III is responsible for planning itinerary and scheduling travel accommodations for military and civilian personnel in accordance with travel orders using knowledge of routes, types of carriers, and travel regulations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Arrange travel typically involving two or more modes of transportation utilizing information on carries, modes and facilities for carriers servicing the area and coordinate schedules.

Verify travel orders to ensure costs, availability, and convenience of various types of carriers, selecting the most advantageous route and carrier.

Notify personnel of dates of travel, baggage limits, medical and Visa requirements, and ensures that all necessary clearances have been obtained.

Assist personnel in completing travel forms and other business transactions pertaining to travel.

May deliver personnel files and travel orders to persons prior to departure, meet and inform arriving personnel of available facilities, housing, and other information.

Performs analysis and reconciliation of computer printouts with operating unit reports.

Make adjustments to travel arrangements and itineraries as needed due to any problems arising due to rerouting, often with little notice.

Within general guidelines, select and apply appropriate travel guides, methods, techniques, and work sequences to effectively accomplish work.

Job duties and responsibilities may change due to contractual requirements.

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