Electrician, Maintenance (659th)


Job Summary:

The Electrician, Maintenance is a part of a Contract Maintenance Support Team (CMST) in support of U. S. Army Units.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Installs or repairs any of a variety of electrical equipment such as generators, transformers, switchboards, controllers, circuit breakers, motors, heating units, conduit systems, or other transmission equipment.
  • Performs Organization, Intermediate, Direct Support - level electrical maintenance/modifications and repairs on military equipment as prescribed in the equipment Technical Manuals (TM's) and U. S. Army Standards.
  • Performs a variety of electrical trade functions such as the installation, maintenance, or repair of equipment for the generation, distribution, or utilization of electric energy.
  • Tests, repairs, overhauls, modifies and maintains electrical equipment of a specialized nature such as automatic alternator synchronizing equipment, amplifying control units, voltage regulating equipment, generators, switching and control panels, and junction boxes, in motor vehicles such as automobiles, buses and trucks.
  • Working from blueprints, drawings, layouts, or other specifications, locating and diagnosing trouble in the electrical system or equipment, working standard computations relating to load requirements of wiring or electrical equipment, and using a variety of electrician's hand tools and measuring and testing instruments.
  • Work with other craftsman or crews in the performance of assigned work duties.
  • Coordinates work/inspections with facility managers/occupants. Must be able to troubleshoot and identify problems.
  • Researches and requisitions materials, and prepares necessary documents and reports.
  • Maintains and repairs all aspects of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical distribution systems.
  • Diagnose system malfunctions, isolate causes, and correct deficiencies. Dismantles and reassembles equipment, using Technical Manuals (TMs) and/or Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMs).
  • Assists team members in solving maintenance problems by analysis and troubleshooting. Maintains appropriate government required paperwork and the files (Job Packets) necessary for the maintenance and repair of the equipment.
  • Performs other duties as assigned to meet organizational/operational objectives and contract requirements.
  • Job duties and responsibilities may change due to contractual requirements.
  • Performs other duties as assigned to meet organizational/operational objectives.
  • Job duties and responsibilities may change due to contractual requirements.

Don't Be Fooled

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